Retinol: Fact vs Fiction (You might be surprised at what you find)

Regardless of whether you currently use retinol or are you only a first-time retinol user, it’s nice to know the true facts about Retinol.

There are certain myths which we come across all the time, that you should be aware of! This article will empower you with true facts in order to improve your anti-aging skin care routine and minimize side effects.

Fact: Retinol helps to firm your skin and reduce wrinkles

Retinol builds collagen reserves which is a key reason for its anti-aging benefits. The heightened collagen reserves delay the appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, retinol makes the skin look firm and supple giving it a youthful appearance and a smooth feel.

Fiction: Retinol is recommended only for visibly aging akin

Although retinol is a powerful anti-aging ingredient, who says it is only for visibly aged skin? This potent element can be incorporated in to any skincare routine. Retinol helps you delay signs of aging, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, regain firmness of skin and fight other signs of aging to give you a youthful glow.

This is why we recommend retinol be incorporated in to any skincare routine. You can start it even before aging signs appear to prevent or delay these signs.

Fiction: Retinol thins your skin

This is a myth and retinol does not thin your skin.

This misconception may be due to the misunderstanding that it peels off the skin as a side effect. However, peeling is a part of the skin renewal process and it does not make the skin thin.

Retinol stimulates skin renewal, creating new cells and bringing them to the surface of the skin faster. This makes the older skin cells peel off or flake from the skin surface, making it visibly smooth.

As retinol supports the collagen reserve of our skin, it helps to keep it smooth, visibly firm with a youthful appearance.

Fact: Retinol side effects are not uncommon

Retinol does not thin your skin, but when you incorporate retinol products in to your skincare routine, it is not uncommon to experience some side effects. Potential side effects include skin peeling, tightness, redness and dryness which can be somewhat discomforting.

Unity’s unique RETINOL+ formula has minimal side effects. It is formulated precisely to deliver the retinol that your skin needs which accelerates the skin renewal process. RETINOL+ is equipped with advanced delivery peptides which minimizes discomfort and is more gentle on your skin than traditional retinol.

Fiction: Stop using Retinol if you experience side effects

Now we know that Retinol can have mild side effects which include dryness, peeling and redness. These side effects are usually seen within the first 2 weeks.

It is called the retinization period where the skin gets adjusted and used to retinol. So these side effects are not a bad sign.

Your skin will experience these side effects at first but will gradually reduce once the skin adjusts to retinol. You have to be patient and do not give up on your retinol formula.

However, you don’t have to experience all these discomforts to find out that the retinol formula is working.

You can use RETINOL+ to decrease these side effects.

The exclusive, anti-wrinkle formula is clinically proven and it will visibly improve your skin texture. 90% RETINOL+ of users say that their skin feels more comfortable during use compared to other retinol products.

Fact: retinoids come in different forms

Retinol is a form of retinoid and it is a derivative of Vitamin A. Topical retinoids are divided into 2 types; prescription and over the counter forms. The differences between these 2 forms are the level of potency and the type of the retinoid. The results vary depending on the type and potency, and side effects usually greater in prescription forms because the potency is high.

Over the counter vs. Prescription forms

The forms of retinoids that dermatologists prescribe are Adapalene, Tretinoin and Isotretinoin. They are readily active and potent. Prescription form of retinoids are used to treat many skin conditions like acne as well as treating photo damaged skin and anti-aging concerns.

Over the counter forms are popular and easily accessible. Pure retinol and retinol compounds which are mild forms of retinol that require conversion to active forms by the skin – for example Retinaldehyde (Retinal) and Retinyl Palmitate belong to this group. Among the over the counter category there are different formulas with different percentages of pure retinol and combinations of retinol and its compounds. If you have doubts in choosing the best form of retinol for your skin, consult your dermatologist.

Fiction: Only potent retinols with high percentages are effective

Major myth!

Retinol formulas with high percentages do not necessarily give the best results. Certain formulas may contain combinations of retinols and its compounds and not pure retinol.

Additionally, your skin may not be able to absorb very high doses of retinol.

Pure Retinol vs. Compounds

Pure retinol is the most intensive form. Therefore, it can lead to many side effects like dryness, redness and peeling, to first time users especially if the percentage is also high. Milder forms and retinol compounds have much less severe side effects.

You must be mindful of the type of retinol and the other active components within any formula before you buy. Knowing the contents and the potency will help you to incorporate your retinol formula into your skincare routine without many side effects.

RETINOL+ Technology

Unity’s chemists have developed a unique retinol formula that is up to 5x more effective than regular retinol but less irritative. When used regularly, there will be visible improvement in your skin without discomfort.

With RETINOL+, you will see a visible improvement in skin aging. Although side effects are commonly seen during the first 2 weeks in any other retinol formula, our unique serum gives you minimal discomfort even at the beginning. Many users tell us they have no symptoms at all when starting RETINOL+!

Our unique retinol formula steadily renews skin cells while addressing the visible signs of aging gradually. You can easily incorporate our RETINOL+ formula into your daily skin care routine with minimal discomfort.

In all of our products, RETINOL+ is strengthened by efficacious ingredients that work alongside to give optimal results.

Peptides in our formula helps to complement elastin reserves in your skin while ceremides fortify the barrier function of your skin, buffering it against dryness.

Fiction: Retinol is not safe to use daily

A common myth for first time users. Retinol is in fact ok to use daily.

During retinization you can use traditional retinol a few times a week. But once this two week period is over and your skin has adjusted to retinol, it becomes ok for daily use.

However, RETINOL+ is precisely created to incorporate into your daily routine skincare regimen and it is safe to use it daily even when you are just starting!

Start experiencing the skin renewal benefits with minimal side effects even during the retinization period.

Fact: RETINOL+ is suitable for daytime skincare routine too

Usually retinol formulas are recommended for night use. But unlike other formulas, RETINOL+ is safe to be used even during the daytime.

Good news! Our unique formula can be used both day and night.

Make sure that you use a good sun screen on top of the retinol serum to protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. This is because Retinol makes your skin sensitive to sun while it brings freshly made new skin cells to the surface.

Your day time retinol routine should be;

Once you apply our retinol anti-wrinkle serum, follow it with an ultra-hydrating moisturizer and a good quality sun block with SPF 50+. We highly recommend that you must complete your daily skincare routine with a good sun screen.

Your night time retinol routine should be;

If you apply our Retinol anti-aging serum at night, follow it with a moisturizer.

Fiction: You should not use Retinol if you have sensitive skin

Even if you’ve got sensitive skin, you will have no problem if you start using our RETINOL+ formula. It is designed uniquely to help your skin tolerate retinol well, with minimum discomfort especially during the retinization period.

Our retinol formulation is suitable for all skin types, including first time retinol users and those with sensitive skin.

Fiction: Retinol cannot be used with any other active ingredient

This statement is completely false.

Retinol can be combined with many other active ingredients successfully which include Vitamin E, C, Hyaluronic acid Niacinamide, peptides and ceramides.

Use of exfoliating acids with Retinol must be done carefully because they also make our skin sensitive to sun. You can use it for night time routine if necessary but with caution.

Once your skin gets adjusted to retinol, you can incorporate a gentle exfoliating acid like Lactic acid or Glycolic acid at a low concentration. It can be applied few times a week to give you a smooth skin surface by removing flaky skin, for retinol application.

Our Retinol anti-wrinkle serum and other active ingredients

Our skin renewing RETINOL+ is suitable to pair with other targeted serums with active constituents. These serums include Vitamin C serum, dark spot corrector, skin plumping serum and skin strengthening serum which can be combined with our retinol formula daily as a day time and night time skin care routine.

Never forget to incorporate a good quality sun screen which suits your skin type, into your daily skin care routine.

Discovering our Retinol formula with visible benefits and minimal discomfort

RETINOL+ is uniquely formulated to minimize side effects while delivering all the anti-aging affects you desire.

Once you start using our Retinol formula you will be able to see a visible improvement in your skin as it fights aging signs, increasing skin firmness and reduction of wrinkles.

The side effects like dryness, redness and peeling are also minimal. Incorporate it to your skin care routine easily for visible skin renewal. 

Our advanced formula is suitable for all skin types which include first time retinol users as well as for those with sensitive skin.

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