Allison Leer

Dermatologist, Co-Founder

Allison Leer, a leading dermatologist, is the medical mastermind behind Unity Skincare. During her 20-year career in skincare, Dr. Leer developed some of the most advanced skincare products available to the public.

Her research focused on the molecular chemistry and applications of retinol and retinol-derivatives for anti-aging purposes.

After years of working with the nations' preeminent research institutions, she developed RETINOL+. Dr. Leer's profound discovery allowed patients with sensitive skin to use retinol products daily for maximum efficacy without irritation or dryness.

Under Allison's guidance, Unity's anti-aging solutions are available to everyone who wants to look younger and feel more confident.


Merging biotechnology with beauty, Unity has been on the cutting edge for anti-aging solutions. RETINOL+ is our greatist discovery.

Unity incorporated RETINOL+ into its products and found that it dramatically reduced signs of aging and increased skin renewal.

It is 5x as effective as traditional retinol yet half as irritative-thus more gentle to the skin.

What does this mean for you? You can achieve radiant, youthful skin quicker and safer with RETINOL+ compared to other brands.

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